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Party Treats Nintendo Switch

Party Treats

Taste a unique recipe presented by the original publisher of Astro Bears Party and the creators of Timberman VS.

Party with your friends as delicious treats.

Hungry Baby: Party Treats is a funny and innovative local multiplayer game that can be played by up to 4 players.

As we all know, a hungry baby is an angry baby. So hurry up, after all, you are a delicious treat and your fate is to end up in a child’s tummy. You’ll encounter murderous obstacles and traps on your way, but every fail and act of greediness gets you closer to victory!

The gameplay stands out from other party games and offers:

- A unique "Try, die, repeat" recipe with risk/reward ingredients
- Diverse cooperative modes & a delightful campaign mode
- Wide range of characters and special abilities to choose from

Gather with your friends on the couch for hours of fun. Discover a unique take on party games.



Digital Melody Games


QubicGames S.A.


Nintendo Switch (May 24, 2019)

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  • 16 Apr,2019
    'Ultimate gameplay fun makes this game outstanding and differs it from other party games.'
    Digital Melody
Party Treats